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Hoot The Redeemer - Mystic Ball Cocktail (2 Servings) - Edinburgh Booze Delivery

Hoot The Redeemer - Mystic Ball Cocktail (2 Servings)

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A refreshing tropical take on the Melon Ball cocktail!

Ingredients: Midori Melon liqueur, Vodka,

Absinthe, Pineapple Juice, Apple Juice and "Faux Citrus".

*Please note that this is 2 servings of the Cocktail.

*Faux Citrus, is our own secret sour blend, that we use as an alternative to lemon or lime juice. Its more sustainable and keeps for 2 weeks. Some of our cocktail videos may state for lemon or lime juice. We can now confirm these citrus juices are now replaced with the "faux citrus".