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Top Out Brewery - Schmankerl (500ml) - Edinburgh Booze Delivery

Top Out Brewery - Schmankerl (500ml)

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Bavarian-style Wheat Beer


Schmankerl means ‘delicacy’ or ‘treat’ in the Bavarian dialect. In order to achieve the classic Hefeweizen character we don’t use generic dried yeast but propagate a genuine Bavarian strain ourselves. Schmankerl is a cloudy wheat beer with notes of banana and cloves. The blue and white label reflects Bavarian colours, the region that produces the most diverse beers in Germany.

Mountain: The route on the label ascends An Teallach, a fabled mountain and perhaps the most impressive in Britain. Be prepared for a very long and demanding day should you plan to traverse all its summits and pinnacles. Technical scrambling and huge exposure make for one of Scotland’s best mountain days.

Tops Out: 1,059m (3,474ft)

Origin: Edinburgh

ABV: 4.9%